Mobility Management in Education Campuses – A Cutting-Edge and Effective Solution

The rate at which the increasingly popular BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)concept is creating waves, it is making a long lasting impact on major industry domains, Education being importantly one of them. The continual usage of mobile devices by all, not sparring anyone, on the university / school campuses and the technologically imbibed networks have sunk in a high level of transformation in all major aspects of education campus management. Mobility Management in Education is witnessing a novel phase in itself with umpteen features, including security and conformity, to support it and probably make it one of the most leading industry domains. With the number of students and stake holders increasing, it is quite a cumbersome task for IT staff to go through the mobile devices of all of them adhering to organizational standards and principles. That is where a robust, comprehensive and flexible Enterprise Mobility Management Software for Educational Institutes is a must.

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